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James Bethanis

James Bethanis

Prescott, AZ


Living in Arizona has been an adventure for me. As an East Coast transplant, I expected the desert and the heat (itís a dry heat as they say), but my new hometown of Prescott ďArizonaís Christmas CityĒ was a surprise. At an elevation of 5,000+ feet, we get all four seasons and snow. Prescott is known for its small town feel and for its beautiful Christmas light display on the courthouse and town plaza. My photography subjects reflect the Prescott area and the many landscape wonders of the Southwest from old mining towns to the wide-open spaces of the Wild West.

Iíve been busy since my move to Prescott, like everyone else, trying to make a living to support my photography habit. Since my early days in the Navy, Iíve owned cameras, but I didnít get serious about the art of photography until I started taking classes at our local college ranging from wet chemistry photography to advanced digital imaging. I hope you enjoy the images Iíve selected for display. Iím happy to share my interpretation of what I see in and around Arizona.


Red Wall by James Bethanis


Four Tomatoes Crackle by James Bethanis


Red Tulips by James Bethanis


Mountain Goat Zion National Park by James Bethanis


Grand Canyon National Park by James Bethanis


Rex The Truck by James Bethanis


Side walk sign art Smoothies by James Bethanis


Tulips by James Bethanis


Single Orchid Sepia by James Bethanis


Orchid by James Bethanis


Single Sunflower by James Bethanis


SunFlowers by James Bethanis


Grand Canyon by James Bethanis


Bryce Canyon at Sunrise by James Bethanis


Raven on Church by James Bethanis